PDGA 3.04 Dress Code Update December 2022

Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) updated their official rules and standards regarding dress code for both men and women. This revision clarifies that players must wear a lower outer garment and opens up well-tailored sleeveless shirts with collars.

Deletions are marked with a strike-through and insertions are underlined.

  1. All violations of the Dress Code Policy shall be considered a courtesy violation (see 812, Courtesy).
  2. All competitors and staff are required to wear an upper garment and lower outer garment, such as a shirt and pants.
  3. All competitors and staff are required to wear shoes or other foot coverings. Players will not be allowed to play in bare feet. Sandals or slides are allowed.
  4. The following dress code for all competitors will be enforced at all PDGA Elite Series and Major Events. The PDGA also recommends that this dress code be enforced at A-Tier and lower Tier events, but that decision lies solely with the Tournament Director:
    1. All players in PDGA-sanctioned competition and tournament staff are expected to dress appropriately and to maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance at all event sites and associated functions.
    2. All players must wear a shirt an upper garment covering their upper chest area and lower torso. A well-tailored shirt with a collar and sleeves covering the upper arm shall be considered is acceptable, with or without sleeves. A well-tailored one-piece tennis dress or upper garment with minimum one-inch-wide shoulder straps is also acceptable. Tank tops are not allowed for any competitor, but women may wear sleeveless shirts with collars. Women may also wear well-tailored one-piece tennis dresses with minimum one-inch-wide shoulder straps.
    3. No tee shirts will be allowed, except for competitors in the Junior and Amateur divisions during preliminary rounds. Juniors and Amateurs shall not wear tee shirts during semifinal or final rounds. Crew neck or v-neck shirts made of high-performance or high-tech materials, such as Dry-Fit, Cool-Max, and others will be allowed.
    4. Shirts that hang down lower than the bottom hemline on the player’s shorts shall be tucked in.
    5. No ripped shirts, shorts, or pants will be allowed on the course. That includes unhemmed, torn or cut “vents” at the shirt collar.
    6. No offensive, profane, or obscene slogans or logos shall be allowed on any clothing. Junior players may not wear slogans or logos referring to alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
    7. This dress code will be in effect from start to finish at each event, including all tournament rounds.
    8. Players who do not make a cut, but wish to remain on site through the duration of the tournament, will be considered spectators and will not be required to conform to the Tour’s dress code.


PDGA Website Source: https://www.pdga.com/rules/competition-manual/304


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